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Dana Priyanka Hammond

I’m an author and a writer who’s on a mission to share the story that starts in a loving home somewhere in India. I had about four years to get to know my family before I was abducted—Snatched and hidden in a rice sack. Scared and scared. Sold into child trafficking. Rescued by a police officer. Adopted in America. Abused, now healing and hope-filled!

That is a snippet of the journey that I will retrace, “GET YOUR DAILY DOSE!” as I seek to put the pieces of me back together. I started blogging to walk you through my experiences, which are better shared than locked in my mind and emotions. Thank you for walking with me! Your company lets me know that I am not alone in raising awareness to help prevent, or at least, help those victimized by child trafficking, forgotten in orphanages, living in shelters, lost in foster home systems, and abused in adoptions.

The main reason why I started this journey publicly and share my story openly is in hope of returning to the beginning of my life before the rice sack and the loss of my birth family and identity. I want to find them. Look them in the eyes and see my reflection. I want to journey to India to find my birth family before the last spark of my joyful beginnings burn out, and I have to make peace with living the rest of my life with this mystery.

As a visitor here, you are part of my journeys—new wife, new mother, and daughter in search of those who share my DNA. Your support influences me tremendously and encourages me to keep raising awareness about the traumas that separate and destroy families.

Would you help me, to not only make this starting point a movement for change, but to also take it across the globe on a journey of discovering the family I have lost? Help me to be the voice that speaks on behalf of so many other children and parents who cannot. My goal is to document this journey, so you can see how your support makes a difference for my healing and for bringing hope to those I meet along the way. Here are a few ways you can help and become more involved. Your kindness is appreciated.

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  • Request to be added to my email list so you can get updates. Note: I will not spam you.

Thank you so much for being part of this journey. Some of the proceeds go towards my travel to India in search of my birth family, as well as to release the rest of my story in a book, and as well as to document my journey to search for my birth family in a film.

Adoptee Rights Council

Adoptee Rights and Council is a program for Indian adoptee in search for answers about there adoption, there story, and there Indian roots. Are you looking for your Indian family? Wondering if they can be traced? Contact Adoptee Rights Council to start your journey now to see if they can help you on your mission of searching for your birth family.

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